Design for Gamers

Phantom Gaming monitors, PG34WQ15R2B and PG27FF1A, are based on 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms (MPRT) response time, which means gamers can be one step ahead of opponents during gameplay. Furthermore, Phantom Gaming monitor offers highly competent functions such as HDR, Flicker-free, and FreeSync Premium technologies, allowing gamers to enjoy incredible gaming experience.
HDR Technology

HDR Technology

Each of Phantom Gaming monitors features DisplayHDR 400 or HDR 10 technology.Let the screen present vivid images with .....

PG Cable Sleeve

Have you been annoyed by cable management? Except for ditching a cable management slot on the stand, Phantom Gaming also.....


One Display port supports up to a 165Hz refresh rate. Two additional HDMI 2.0 ports are available for secondary .....

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