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ASRock Releases 2 New SoC Motherboards Based on Intel® N100 Processor

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May 10, 2023 – Leading global motherboard manufacturer ASRock proudly announces its new series of Alder Lake-N motherboards. The new motherboards will be featuring the latest N100 SoC processor, 4 E-cores with a turbo frequency up to 3.4GHz and Intel® UHD Graphics supporting 4K@60Hz resolution, this passively cooled motherboard provides adequate performance as well as outstanding heat management.

The N100M is a M-ATX sized motherboard designed for smart buyers who is looking for a simple yet capable solution, with onboard USB Type-C, M.2 for both SSD & WiFi, the N100M can be easily built into a system that suits your need, and thanks to the onboard XXL CPU heatsink and fan-less design, it is able to perform a low noise ultra-silent computing experience.

Product Photo

ASRock also offers a DC-in solution for small form factor occasions, the N100DC-ITX has a DC-in jack at the rear I/O and is compatible with 19V power adapters allowing N100DC-ITX to fit in compact chassis. Besides M.2 slots for WiFi & SSD, this motherboard also supports legacy I/O such as COM port or LPT port header, making N100DC-ITX a perfect solution for multiple purposes.

Product Photo

Learn more about ASRock N100M motherboard:
Learn more about ASRock N100DC-ITX motherboard: